The Strummer Room Project

Sharing the ethos of the great man himself. 

The Strummer Room Project has simply been set up to make music!

What they are saying about The Strummer Room Project 

"...consistently doing some of the most creative work on soundcloud.." 

"Your stuff mate reflects your belief about punk, and having a go, and I think you are the only 'punk' style musician on the cloud." 

"Whoa.... great epic atmosphere to this ... man, y'all are really churning out some great stuff over there" 

"really enjoying the sounds you're producing!"

"Beck meets Santiago meets Hendrix" 

"this is how to make new stuff!!" 

" If my kids grow up to make something this cool, i will be very proud!" 

"you guys just get better and better" 

"Loveable, really loveable" 

"Yes it's the SRP SOUND AND I LOVE IT!!!"

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